Unlock Crypto Gains with Metal DAO: Get Up to 10K MTL Tokens!

• Metal DAO is making progress in the market today, returning to the $1 level it attained on February 12, 2023.
• The trading volume of the asset has increased by 32.66% today.
• Factors That Could Be Behind The Metal DAO Price Surge are Metal Pay and Proton Blockchain Launched.

Metal DAO (MTL) Price Surge

Metal DAO (MTL) is making progress in the market today, returning to the $1 level it attained on February 12, 2023. The trading volume of the asset has increased by 32.66%, indicating a positive trend for MTL holders. In this article, we explore some of the factors that could be driving this price surge for MTL tokens.

Metal Pay Creates Avenue For Faster Payments

Metal DAO aims to simplify its financial services for users without blockchain or FinTech knowledge with its Metal Pay platform which enables users to buy and sell over 65 crypto assets without any additional fees and link their bank accounts to process fiat currency payments. It’s also compatible with EvoShare, allowing users to convert EvoShare cash back into cryptocurrency with ease. Additionally, Metal DAO recently unveiled plans for a Metal Pay Credit Card that rewards users for spending USD with crypto rewards.

Proton Blockchain Launched

Metallicus has produced two blockchains: proton blockchain and metal blockchain; both of which have been gaining traction in recent weeks as more interest is generated from investors and developers alike. Recently, a proposal was submitted by Marshal Hayner (CEO of Metallicus) to Proton Blockchain block producers seeking to unlock the potential of the blockchain by granting several members grants for various projects related to development and research activities within Proton Blockchain’s ecosystem.

Increased Liquidity And Adoption Of Stablecoin XMD

The launch of Meta Dollar (XMD), a stablecoin launched by Metalkus earlier this month has seen an increase in liquidity across exchanges that are listing XMD as well as increasing adoption rates among merchants who support XMD payments via MetaPay Cash & Crypto App.. As more people discover what XMD can offer them, it is likely that demand will continue increasing as more people seek out ways to use digital currencies securely without having to worry about volatility risks associated with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum etc…


It appears that several events have contributed towards pushing up Metal DAO’s prices throughout 2021 so far; from increased adoption rates of XMD stablecoin through MetaPay Cash & Crypto App., numerous grants being given out within Proton Blockchain’s ecosystem through Marshal Hayner’s proposal and finally greater accession towards using digital currencies securely via Metal Pay Credit Card reward system – all these factors may be driving up demand for MTL tokens as people look to take advantage of these features offered by MakerDAO’s network..

Crypto Donations Reach $9M to Help Turkey Earthquake Victims

• Crypto community has donated over $9 million in digital assets to Turkey following the earthquakes.
• Major companies such as Binance, Bitfinex, KuCoin, OKX and Tether have pledged donations to help the victims of the disaster.
• Avalanche Foundation has also joined the fundraising efforts by donating another $1 million in AVAX tokens.

Crypto Community Donate Millions To Turkey Following Earthquakes

The crypto community was quick to respond after reports of massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria resulted in thousands of casualties with some predicting that the death toll will continue to rise. Major crypto companies such as Binance, Bitfinex, KuCoin, OKX, and Tether have pledged over $9 million in donations to help those affected by this tragedy.

Avalanche Foundation Joins Fundraising Efforts

Apart from the initial responders mentioned above, Avalanche Fundation also joined the fundraising efforts by donating another $1 million in AVAX tokens and encouraged others to donate what they can. The project’s executive director Aytunc Yıldızlı said that these funds would help people recover faster in the wake of this tragedy and added that it is a time for the crypto world to come together and show everyone that it is a force for good and a sign of hope.

Binance CEO Supports Earthquake Relief Efforts

Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on the situation stating that the earthquakes have had a devastating effect on many families and businesses in Turkey so it is their duty to support relief efforts where they can. He went on to say that he hopes other businesses will join them and do whatever they can for those affected too.

Donations Reach Over $2 Million

As more cryptocurrency companies pledge their donations, relief funds have now reached over $2 million which will go towards helping those affected by this tragedy get back on their feet again. This shows how powerful cryptocurrency can be when used for humanitarian causes like these.

Crypto Industry Unites For Good Causes

This incident shows how unified and supportive the crypto industry can be when it comes to helping out with good causes such as relief efforts for natural disasters like this one. It is inspiring to see how quickly major players came together to provide assistance during times of need which could not be done without cryptocurrency technology today.

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What is Crypto Loan?

Crypto loans are amazing tools for two kinds of crypto users: first, those who need an amount to make profits on their trading, and second, those who hold crypto for the long term. With a crypto loan, users provide a certain amount of their cryptocurrencies as collateral and receive a loan in stablecoins in return. The loan-to-value (LTV) is set at either 50% or 70%, meaning that users receive 50% or 70% of the value of their collateral in the form of a loan. The annual percentage rate for Tokex’s crypto loans ranges from 12% to 16%.

How to Borrow Cryptocurrency?

To take out a crypto loan with Tokex, users must calculate their crypto-backed loan using different collateral and LTV options, then specify their payout address where they want to receive funds. Confirm it by phone or email.

Benefits of Crypto Loan

Crypto loans offer many benefits such as low monthly fees and the added security of a regulated exchange, enabling cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn passive income from their digital assets while minimizing risk and protecting against the volatility of cryptocurrency prices.

Advantages of Using Tokex Exchange

Tokex is an ideal platform for obtaining stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and BUSD for trading or selling due to its low annual percentage rate ranging from 12% to 16%. Users can close their loans at any time, and if the price of their collateral falls to the liquidation level, the collateral will be automatically liquidated and the loan closed to protect against loss.


In conclusion, Tokex provides an innovative service allowing users to easily obtain stablecoins with low fees while minimizing risk through its automated liquidation processes which helps protect against losses caused by market volatility.